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Heh heh heh Gotta Love Black mage. (image borrowed from a great place called 8-bit theater)

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2/25/02: Got the offical "Ok" From 8-bit to use the BM pic. Doin a few upgrades but nuttin drastic right now. <if> i have it my way i can get the download site on Marionopolis workin.


End Quote: "I'm a doctor damnit, not a trampoline!" - Dr. Bones, Star Trek

2/24/02: Finished my first Mario comic! Go me! <dance> Sooo Uhh Yea. Thats about it.

2/21/02: Another update: While i was catching up on my Final Fantasy-comic-reading-fetish on 8-bit a WONDERFUL idea popped into my mind: Why don't i Create a comic? Oh yea, thats right, i suck at making comics. Then another great idea popped into my head, I have 10000 mario pictures in my computer inventory, Why don't i make a crappy mario comic? yes yes i know, i have too much free time. But anyway, hahaha, i'm making mario comix now~ i rock. ^.^


Umm Finishing up some stuff, finding webpage linkers, playing Dance Dance Revolution and reading Kurt Vonnecut's "Cats Cradle" <best author ever, him and Toklien.> Soo yea, Getting nice little icons. Who know, i might create a download page! <run away as fast as you can>

I'm gunna try to get some free email crap runnin along here. Have faith in me faithful watchers! <ok, so that really sounds weird, never said i was passin english now did I?>


End Quote: "Who's the greater fool: the fool or the fool who follows him?" - Obiwan, Starwars.

2/20/02: Still working on crap crap crap. yay? Ick. Frames suck. Getting them to work sucks more! ICK! Oh well, i'll work on that crap at a later time >_< So i guess, for now, i'll make a little self-serve type clicky thing <if you can make sense of that.>

Anyway i found a good pic of Black mage to add to the page. haha BM rules, I'll ask the owner of  8-bit theater later if i can use it. ^.^


End Quote: "Everything is born of Darkness" - Darkside Blues.

2/14/02: Yay! Well, i decided <after months of delay> to start my website. I know, i know, its lame right now but give me a break! I just started! Yeesh!

Well anyway, blah blah, i guess thats the "major" news. I will update as much as i can, but bleh, don't get too picky or I'll gauge out your eyes!! <MWAHAHAHA>


End Quote: "There is no spoon" - The Matrix

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